I’m thankful for so many things today.

First, to my friend Jenn for her “Thankful Thursday” inspiration.

Second, to Leonnie Dawson for her awesome Create Your Shining Year workbook that inspired me to set a theme for each day of the week.

And third, for Sue Guiher for her BAD (Blog-A-Day) challenge that prompted me to get off the main highway today and find the beautiful in this amazing valley I live in!

Thankful for Beauty


Thankfulness is such a wonderful healing tool! ┬áToday as I was driving through the valley, I was just so grateful to be living in SUCH a beautiful place. ┬áThe sun kept peeking through the clouds, the valley floor was so green from the rains, the river was running swiftly. It was all just so beautiful and I was so grateful for the flexibility of time to be able to pull off at a park I’d driven by numerous times. Grateful for the surprise of this little, deserted park – really more of a boat launch, and the surprise of talented graffiti artists who created the sweet “LOVE” rock.

The Willamette River

Today – find the unexpected beauty around you and express your gratitude for it. Notice how that makes you feel.