Sometimes I have to learn the hard way! Can you relate?

Last night I had an accident. I had stopped my bike to look at the amazingly beautiful sky (I do that a lot!) and I just fell over. I couldn’t gain my balance and even remember saying, “Sh**, I’m falling!” Purse and lock on the ground but the groceries miraculously stayed in the basket and none of the lovely, local strawberries got squished!

I now have a very swollen, tender ankle, a scraped and bruised elbow and foot, and lots of bruises. My neck (that I learned in December has a couple of compressed discs) is NOT happy about this!

This is the second time in about a month that I’ve fallen, and I never fall. It often takes me a couple of times to connect the dots! And this time, I was able to.

My sweet tooth has been off the charts and a few days ago I gave in and started eating (and eating!) TJ’s Peanut Butter Cups that I’d gotten for an event that didn’t end up happening. It’s the only thing I’ve changed.

My whole body is now puffy, my head is foggy, I’m congested, my throat is a little sore, my balance is off (WAY off) and I’m getting headaches. I know my body well, and I can’t feel any virus or anything else to explain all this.

When I fell a month ago I had sneaked some sugar but didn’t think much of it. I was denying that it had had any effect.

This time it’s obvious and I’m REALLY paying the price! But that’s what it takes for me to truly get that I can’t eat something (with the gluten, it was an appointment with my fabulous Functional Medicine Practitioner/Chiropractor where she wasn’t able to do ANYTHING but counteract the gluten reaction!).

I got off sugar before and I’ll do it again! How? Slim & Sassy oil under my tongue when I start to crave, and ferments – lots of ferments (sauerkraut, kimchi, but NOT kombucha – WAY too much sugar there!). And NO substitutes – no dates, honey, maple syrup (my three sugars I always allow myself) – until I completely get rid of the cravings.

I would love to have some company with this! If you’d like to kick sugar with me, join me on facebook.

Update – I ended up being sick all the next day (the day I wrote this post) – nausea, no energy, headache. And still, not virus sick, just sick from the damn sugar! But, this DID cure my cravings for a few days!