Sometimes there’s a perfect storm. That happened for me last week.

Staying up too late, then having a marathon day followed by eating an immune suppressing treat while meeting someone spreading the crud.

That was my perfect storm.

All three times I’ve gotten sick since starting to use dōTERRA essential oils I had that hit of intuition that says, “uh-oh” and the thought to “drop some On Guard” (meaning put drops under my tongue) and didn’t.

So now I’m playing full out attack and I wanna share my battle plan. My goals are to have this be quick and not develop into the yellow/green slime monster and to not share!

First up: REST and lots of water with lemon oil.

Second: Some exercise to get the blood moving and get some fresh air.

Third: Use oils, but not too much! Are you surprised by that? At convention last year (2015) Dr. Hill gave an informative presentation on bioavailability of the oils. Here’s the chart he shared:

Do you need interpretation? Basically, you can diffuse (aromatic) pretty much all the time and it is recommended to do so. My favorite diffuser is the Aroma Ace because it doesn’t add moisture do the air.

Internal usage refers to taking the oil in a capsule, in water, or in a softgel (premade from dōTERRA). Oral usage is what I call “dropping oil” by just putting it in your mouth directly – not recommended for kids. Dermal simply means putting the oil on your skin (with or without a “carrier oil” – a fatty oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil).

So, what am I using?

  • On Guard and Melaleuca on my feet – one drop 3 – 4 times a day
  • Lemon in my water – one drop for every 8 oz.
  • Diffusing On Guard and White Fir
  • Breathe Vapor Stick on my chest and nose
  • Neti (not at all essential oil related but nasal irrigation is awesome!)
  • Steamers! Okay, this is a recipe… Take a cup of hot water and add two drops each of Oregano and Melaleuca and four drops each of Lemon and Peppermint. Cover with your hand and then breathe in the vapor at least 4 times. It makes it so I can breathe again! I’ve been doing this two to three times a day.

Did I miss anything you use in your tried and true battle plan? If so please share!