Today was definitely a Chicken Soup kinda day here in the Willamette Valley.  Rainy and overcast most of the day, chillier than it was the last few days. But also because I happened to have some leftover chicken and bone broth ready for a super simple, super savory soup! (I love it when that happens!)

Like so much real food, it’s not hard and doesn’t even take a lot of hands on time, but it does take some forethought – in this case, a few days of forethought! Thawing the bird for a couple of days, making the broth, then chopping the veggies for soup. But after these few steps, taken over several days, you have the ingredients for the tastiest, healthiest soup you could imagine.

Now, I’m not a food blogger, and I’m not going to pretend to be! But I’m guessing you wanna know how to make this amazing soup (that I didn’t even think to take a picture of  – I TOLD you I’m not a food blogger!). It’s so easy.  In a large saucepan:

  • Brown some chopped onion in some coconut oil
  • Add in some chopped carrots and minced garlic and let the carrots get a head start cooking
  • Throw in some leftover chicken and at least three cups of homemade chicken broth
  • Cook until the carrots are done
  • Season with sea salt and fresh ground pepper

You can also add in celery, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Just be mindful of how long each would need to cook.

I find making real food to be such a great metaphor for success. When you think about what needs to be done ahead of time so you can do the prep work needed it’s easy!