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I’m Joni Zander and I love helping people feel better and teaching people how to support their body’s natural ability to heal!  After being charged almost $400 for what was supposed to be a “free get to know you” visit with a local nurse practitioner, I was determined to find methods that really work for real people at a cost that is reasonable.

Enter essential oils… I was introduced to essential oils at a homeschool conference in 2011. This conference is notorious for being a complete germ-fest! Looking for something to strengthen my immune system from the conference crud, I purchased a kit, started using them immediately, and haven’t looked back! I and all the others who started using the oils that weekend came home free of the conference crud, and everyone else got it as usual. That was proof enough for me that I’d found what I was looking for. I’ve been using them for everything ever since, from cleaning to supporting my body physically and emotionally. I am SO impressed with these essential oils and am excited to bring them to as many people as I can. These oils are WORKING for everyone who will use them!

Skeptical?  Yeah, I was too.  I started my adult life as a CPA, so I was about as skeptical as they come.  After experiencing the effects of essential oils first hand, I had to admit they work. Of course, I’m not suggesting that you don’t go to the doctor when needed, but when you stay well by using essential oils to support your body, you might not NEED to!

Now, I know, I know. Essential oils are weird hippy stuff, right? Well, essential oils simply work! No woo-woo needed!

Oh, and that $400 “free get to know you” appointment? The only thing she did was look at a mild rash I’d had on my torso for about eight years. It didn’t itch or ever get worse, it just wasn’t pretty. She told me she could prescribe some cream that may or may not work, but it was expensive. When I got my oils later that week I remembered that rash and thought, “I wonder if I have an oil for that?” Three days of melaleuca essential oil diluted in fractionated coconut oil and, almost five years later, still no rash! And for less than ten cents total!

My team and I teach essential oil classes, both online and in person. We want to empower YOU to be the healer in your home so YOU can “have an oil for that”. Are you ready to learn? If you’re open to learning more about essential oils, let’s talk!


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