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You deserve Essential Health: physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

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Physical Health

Have the energy/ability to what you want! Learn to support your body’s natural ability to heal with safe, effective essential oils.


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Emotional Health

We aren’t designed to get through it all on our own – sometimes you need someone to clear out your emotional cobwebs so you can soar.


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Financial Health

There’s nothing better than helping people learn to trust their body’s ability to heal, and it’s even better when we get paid for it!



Working with Joni has been fun, motivating and exciting.  I have gone from going in a thousand different directions to moving forward on a solid path with great support.  Joni has been with me every step of the way, answering questions, working together to figure out what will work best for me and what I want to achieve.


Jennifer Ross

Integrative Health Coach, Your Upside Down Life

“As a former student of the Aveda Institute, I know pure essential oils, and the oils Joni works with are oils I can trust.  Joni introduced me to these oils in 2012 and my first experience was to soothe leg discomfort from standing all day.

With Supplements, GI Cleansing and Probiotics, no refined sugars or flours, I’m doing pretty darn good for 70 years old!”

Bonnie Sanders

Wellness Advocate

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